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SF Run (Eaton, Colney & Catton)

Join us at Norwich Parkrun on a Saturday morning at either Eaton Park, Colney Playing Fields or Catton Park. 

We all enjoy running, and love being part of the Parkrun Community. Our aim is to Connect with each other, through a shared interest, and to develop relationships with other Parkrunners. We pray that through these natural connections we are able share our faith. Primarily we "meet" before/after the Parkrun, and try to pray together where possible. 

Look out for the Sports Factory yellow t-shirts or contact Ruth Lynds on or Sarah Imbush on for more information

We also meet occasionally on an ad hoc basis to pray for opportunities and for each other.

Eaton Park, 2 S Park Ave, Norwich NR4 7AU

Colney Lane Fields

Catton Park

8 45 - 9 45 am

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Earlier Event: 20 June
Later Event: 24 June
Monday Night Football