lunch and after school clubs


The Sports Factory offers a variety of options at Lunch or After School to suit your school’s needs. We recognise that Break times are different at each school we go to depending on the size of the school, space available and the behaviour management systems you have in place. We want to offer a service that suits your school uniquely, whether that is to run lunch time sports, activities to engage your least active pupils or to manage playground matches in a way that promotes fair play and honesty. We would also love to use our time to help equip your break time staff with the knowledge and skills to provide games or manage matches too.


Break time options:

·       Match organisation and management, promoting self-awareness, honesty and fair play

·       Sports for disengaged students or your least active

·       Multi Sports games and fun activities for all


Our qualified coaches can deliver after school clubs to provide opportunities for your students to engage in sports as an extra-curricular activity. This may be in the most popular sports such as football or rounders or in something less accessible such as Dodgeball, Futsal or Volleyball. You can find a list of options below.


After School Club options:

·       Athletics

·       Basketball

·       Cricket

·       Dodgeball

·       Football

·       Futsal

·       Handball

·       Hockey

·       Multi Skills

·       Netball

·       Tennis

·       Rounders

·       Rugby

·       Volleyball